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Netwave Inductive AI

Netwave has developed a new form of AI technology, specifically dedicated to real-time digital interaction, and patented in 38 countries. Instead of working deductively (defining rules applicable to predetermined situations) like traditional machine and deep learning systems, the Netwave AI processor:

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Identifies the most recent past situations in its memory that are most similar to the current visitor’s situation, based on 232 trackers, all in real time; and


Pinpoints the solutions that have worked in these past situations (e.g. the product or campaigns that led to a purchase, a reaction or a selection).


Publish, always in real time, the personalized insight and immediately takes into account the reaction or non-reaction of the visitor.


Instead of deducing the solution from a given set of rules – which would be a static model updated periodically – Netwave AI identifies it inductively, in real time, based on the most recent past visits it has memorized. 

In some ways, this is a form of dynamic modelling: with every new visit stored in the database, the response evolves, with no need to re-process the whole database. 

The result? Your recommendation is as relevant as possible. This explains why inductive AI consistently outperforms traditional machine and deep learning systems when it comes to real-time personalization. And in e-commerce, you have very little time to convert your visits into sales. 

The advantages of Netwave Inductive AI

The trackers and thresholds

we calculate are processed on Netwave servers: they are not stored in a cookie and do not require any resources on your side.

The business intelligence

we put in these 232 trackers and thresholds, takes into account the context, behaviour AND psychology of your visitors, thus guaranteeing maximum relevance to your interactions.

The proximity function

which enables us to instantly determine whether or not a group of visits are significant in terms of their similarity to the current visit, is processed in real time, whilst a machine or deep learning system (which tackles the whole training data set) cannot model in real time.

The dynamic updates

which detect emerging trends immediately, without the need to wait for modelling, and enables you to adapt to changes in consumer habits in real time.

The rich, up-to-date identification of situations

does not depend on prior segmentation or modelling, is dynamic, and is entrusted to the AI processor: your interactions are truly personalized, and not just “averaged”.


Inductive technology can analyse and interact in 35 ms on average.

It identifies over 85,000 situations automatically in real time, when a traditional machine learning system can only implement a few dozen predefined segments.  

As a result, Netwave helps you to stay as relevant as possible without any maintenance efforts and provides relevant coverage of all segments of your visitors.

Netwave incorporates algorithms that guarantee that all of your visitors will be handled, whatever the traffic volumes. The system automatically assigns more resources when the number of requests/second increases, at the cost of less essential elements for converting a visit into a purchase. 

With Netwave, you will never be caught off guard: we can manage up to 500,000 simultaneous connections.



You can use the application in unsupervised mode (you set the overall strategy and the AI executes it), supervised mode (you set the rules directly and the engines execute them) or semi-supervised mode (you combine the two aforementioned modes within one publication area). 

Netwave also keeps a record of all your previous configurations and offers functions such as one-click return, preview, A/B testing, etc.

At Netwave, technology makes your life easier.

From acquisition to loyalty, via on-site engagement and conversion, call centre contacts and retargeting, Netwave personalizes all of your digital touchpoints.Through HTML or a simple API in JSON format, Netwave connects all of your channels to its Nexus processor: website, mobile site, app, call centre, email campaign platforms, retargeting platforms, etc.

Netwave consolidates all the knowledge acquired from all channels in real time, without human intervention. A visit that begins on your website will immediately be taken into account when it is continued on your app. A reaction to a retargeting email will be taken into account the next time they visit your website.


Transparent data management

All Netwave data is hosted on servers located in the European Union. 

Netwave technology minimizes the amount of information collected from your visitors, concentrating on data useful for defining relevant interactions. All the data used by our processor is viewable in our back office and exportable to your data mart. 

It remains totally anonymous on our servers, thus guaranteeing compliance with the GDPR. All data collected or generated by Netwave belongs exclusively to you and is intended for your use alone. 

The Netwave cookie is a first-party cookie: it belongs to you and is only activated when your site is visited. 

Netwave situational data and visitors' personal data is only combined in your computer systems. Your CRM data is integrated anonymously into Netwave markers through agile technology that does not require any interfaces to be implemented. 

Netwave enables you to build a physical and digital overview of your customers using the best technology to make data commercially usable in real time allowing you to interact with customers across your digital touchpoints.