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Thanks to our exclusive Inductive AI technology, Netwave Suite is a leading real-time personalization SaaS platform. 

It offers e-retailers a set of functionalities that delivers a rich variety of personalized interactions in real time :
- Personalized product recommendations,
- Personalized ads,
- Personalized content.


Netwave Embedded enables software publishers and service providers to embed the Netwave Suite software into their own solutions on a white-label basis. 

This way, you can : 
- Maintain your competitive edge by integrating true real-time AI interactions,
- develop an on-site marketing offering that enables your clients to fully personalize their digital engagement,
- Use your own branding.


Netwave Ultimate is aimed at those who want the best, by integrating not just Netwave Suite, but Netwave technology itself :

Full access to the SaaS AI platform,
Allow your teams to develop your own interaction services
- Use your own branding.

Why choose Netwave?

  • 01. High-performance AI technology Netwave’s Inductive AI technology, was specifically designed to generate relevant interactions in real time, and outperforms traditional machine learning systems: up to 392% increase in revenue per visit versus a global leader in an A/B test carried out by one of the ten biggest French e-commerce sites.
  • 02. A rich set of functionalities From product recommendations to ad personalization, via cross-selling, up-selling and content personalization, Netwave offers an unparalleled variety of functionalities.
  • 03. A solution that adapts to your business strategy Netwave AI applies your business strategy to the letter. You can brief it just like you would brief your sales team. And in just 3 clicks, you can make it evolve.
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  • 01. Immediate, concrete results Netwave AI offers convincing results in just a few days, as it does not require a significant amount of training data to provide the slightest bit of relevant results, It helped one of our clients to improve revenue per visitor by 110% in just a few weeks.
  • 02. Personalization across all channels With Netwave, you can assist your clients across all of their digital channels: website, mobile, app, email, etc. Your digital engagement will be totally consistent.
  • 03. Your market segmentation, fully integrated Netwave can integrate your chosen market segmentation in real time, allowing you to create targeted interaction strategies. In addition, Netwave allows you to configure specific subsets across all the trackers it offers you. This way, inductive intelligence adds an extra layer of personalization to your segmentation.
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